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Winter Weather and Dry Eye

Winter weather can cause irritation of the eyes if you suffer from dry eye syndrome. It is important to obtain proper treatment from our optometrist if your vision falters or if you experience symptoms because of the weather. Contact Total Eyecare in Elko to make an appointment if discomfort is present. Here is some information about dry eyes during the wintertime and how our eye doctor can assist with proper eye care and treatment.

The Signs of a Dry Eye Condition

Dry eye condition has a few different symptoms that indicate treatment is necessary for relief. You may feel as if there is a foreign body inside of one of your eyes. Your eyes may appear red or pink. It is likely your eyes will not tear as there is a lack of moisture present. Your eyes may also feel itchy.

How to Avoid Symptoms

During the winter months, the use of heat will exacerbate the symptoms of a dry eye condition. To offset the use of heating units in a home or business, consider using a humidifying unit to add moisture to the air. Do your best to avoid positioning yourself in an area where heat blows on you directly. Use vents in your vehicle to direct heat toward the floor rather than at eye-level. Avoid getting dust or debris in your eyes by wearing a hat and sunglasses when outdoors. This will help to keep irritation at bay.

How Our Eye Doctor Can Help

Our eye doctor will provide you with treatment for dry eyes if they are causing you distress. This is usually handled with prescription eye drops to lubricate the eyes. In addition, our optometrist will make additional recommendations to help avoid dry eye syndrome. Your vision will be checked during your appointment so any prescription changes are handled as well.

Contact Total Eyecare in Elko if your vision requires treatment or if you are suffering from dry eye condition. Reach out to our eye doctor today by calling us at (775) 738-8491 to set up an appointment time for an evaluation.