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Signs That Your Kids Have Vision Problems

Total Eyecare: Signs Your Kids Might Have Vision Problems In Elko, NV

If you have kids, you know the importance of tending to their medical needs. Watching for signs of a vision problem is one task you need to do constantly to ensure a child is not suffering from difficulties with their eye health. Here are some signs to be aware of so an appointment is made with our staff at Total Eyecare in Elko at the first signs of a problem.

child struggling in school

Discoloration, Itchiness, or Irritation

If your child's eyes are more red than white, they may be suffering from an allergic reaction that has affected their sight. Itchiness along with redness can signify pinkeye and will require medication to relieve this condition effectively. Irritation to the eyes can also cause your child to feel as if a foreign body is present underneath an eyelid. Any of these symptoms are best handled by a professional to rule out vision problems. 

Squinting or Constant Blinking

If you notice your child is squinting when trying to read, watch television, or look at an electronic device, they may need vision correction. Squinting your eyes will help to bring items into focus temporarily. Blinking frequently is another sign there may be a problem with vision. This could be the result of a foreign object being inside of the eye, dryness of the eyes, or an attempt to correct vision that is blurry.

Trouble Seeing Surroundings or School Difficulties

Test your child's vision frequently by asking them to describe an item within their view. If they are unable to see all details clearly, seeing optometrists for an assessment is necessary. Some children will not realize they are unable to see as crisply as they should. They often struggle with schoolwork as they are unable to see their teacher's actions or information written on blackboards clearly. If your child is having trouble with schoolwork, make an appointment for an eye exam to rule out vision problems.

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