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Tips for Digital Eye Strain Relief

Sometimes your eyes may throb, feel itchy, or they might twitch. You may find yourself reading and notice your vision is blurred in places where it was not before, or your eyes may physically hurt shortly into your reading session. These are all symptoms of digital eye strain, a problem that our eye doctor at Total Eye Care frequently addresses. Long periods of screen time make anyone susceptible to digital eye strain. Following are tips from our optometrist in Elko on avoiding and relieving digital eye strain.

Take Eye Breaks Frequently

At least once every 20 minutes it's important to take a break from looking at the screen; look across the room, out the window, or down a hallway or corridor for 20 seconds or so. We spend an excessive amount of time in front of screens or doing things at close ranges, so it is important to give our eyes opportunities to relax.

Use Reading Glasses if You Have Them

Glasses can sometimes help ease your eye strain. You will need to consult with one of our optometrists to make sure you have the right ones for your needs. Don't use them if they increase your eye pain or you do not see well through them.

Use Blue Light Filters on Your Devices

Many devices come with the ability to filter out some of the blue light emitted from the screen. Adjust the settings until you begin to feel your eyes relax. It is especially important to do this when you are preparing to go to sleep.

Consider Computer Glasses

Often, the same glasses that you use during the day don’t work as well on the computer. Consult with one of our eye doctors to make sure you have the right glasses for computer use.

Contact Total Eye Care

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