Pediatric Optometry FAQs

Children need eye care wellness exams, just like adults do. If your child has a problem, it will be caught early with routine eye exams by an Elko optometrist. When you aren't sure when your child should start going to the eye doctor, how often, or why, here is a list of frequently asked questions to give you some answers.

Mom helping her daughter through a pediatric eye exam.

When should my Child Start going to an Elko Nevada Optometrist?

We treat kids of all ages at Total Eyecare. We recommend you schedule your child’s first optometry exam when they reach six months old. After your child goes for their sixth-month appointment and everything is normal, they can wait until three years old to get a second exam.

Should I get my Child's Eyesight Checked for School?

Your child should have a comprehensive eye exam before they go into first grade to catch any early complications and to ensure they are seeing well in the classroom. Once your child goes to the optometrist before first grade, they should continue routine exams every two years if there are no concerns. If your child has issues with their eyesight, they should see an optometrist every year.

My Child's Eyes are Red and Puffy, Should they see the Eye Doctor?

If your child's eyes become red and puffy, this can indicate that your child has conjunctivitis, otherwise known as pink eye. Your child's pediatrician can also diagnose and treat pink eye, but a trip to the optometrist is usually the best idea to ensure your child's eyesight has not been affected.

My Child's Eye seems to Float and go out of focus, what could this Mean?

Many children suffer from what is called a lazy eye. It may appear as if your child's eye is in focus and then the pupil suddenly floats in a different direction. This is usually due to a problem with the brain and eyes not working well together. Your child's optometrist can address this issue in a number of ways.

My Child seems to Squint when they are Trying to see Long Distances, should I Bring them in for an Appointment?

Squinting usually indicates that your child is having trouble seeing. Whether the difficulty is seeing far away or close up, your child's optometrist can determine what type of corrective lenses your child needs in order to see properly.

Whether your child is struggling with eyes that won't work in unison, or you notice that they are struggling to focus, it's time to schedule an appointment to see an optometrist ensure your child can see properly.

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