Contact Lens FAQ

Deciding to start using contacts for your visual needs is an important decision made by you in conjunction with your eye doctor, which has many important considerations. These considerations include selecting hard versus soft contacts, selecting daily wear contacts versus extended wear contacts, and determining whether you will require specialized contacts for cosmetic or other reasons. Each different type of contact lenses has its own set of daily maintenance issues and wear requirements. Consider the following frequently asked questions for additional clarity before your appointment for a contact lens fitting at Total Eyecare in Elko, NV.  

Contact Lens

What Are The 2 Main Types of Contacts and What Are They Made Of?

The 2 main types of contact lenses are rigid, gas permeable contacts and soft hydro-gel contact lenses.

Rigid gas permeable contact lenses are made of a rigid/gas permeable plastic material (RGP) that allows oxygen to pass through to the cornea.

Soft contact lenses are made of soft, very thin, water containing gel-like plastic material that also allows oxygen to reach the cornea.

How Long Can You Wear Daily and Extended Wear Contacts For?

Daily wear contacts are taken out of the eyes each night before sleep.

Daily disposable contacts are soft contacts disposed of after a day of wear.

Extended wear soft contacts can be slept in overnight and usually kept in for up to 7 days before removal.

Disposable extended wear contacts are usually disposed of every 2 weeks.

How Long Does It Take to Get Used to Contacts and How to Use Them?

Rigid, gas permeable or hybrid contact lenses usually take longer to become accustomed to and it may take several weeks to get used to them.

Soft hydrogel or silicone contacts usually can be worn comfortably right away or within several days.

Hybrid contact lenses which are a combination of hard contact lenses to provide increased visual acuity and soft contact lenses to provide increased comfort and which are used to treat corneal conditions like keratoconus (irregular bulging of the cornea) can take from 2 to 3 weeks to become fully adjusted to.

Contact lenses, in general, are relatively easy to put in and take out after initial instruction and a short period of practice.

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