Dry Eyes and Red Eyes

Dry Eyes and Red Eyes in Elko, NV: Symptoms & Treatment Options

Dry eye syndrome is a chronic eye condition caused by the lack of sufficient lubrication on the surface of the eye. Depending on the severity of your condition, you may experience mild irritation or significant inflammation that makes daily activities painful and difficult. Nearly half of all adult Americans may experience symptoms of dry eyes at some point in their lives. An estimated 5 million Americans over the age of 50 have “clinically significant dry eye syndrome” that requires medical treatment. Red eyes are a general term used to describe eyes that are bloodshot, irritated or otherwise red. While many cases of red eyes are only temporary, in some cases red eyes may be symptomatic of a more serious condition requiring medical care. If you have persistent dry or red eyes, schedule an appointment with the Total Eyecare team in Elko, NV to learn more about your treatment options. Call us at (775) 738-8491.

What causes red eye and dry eye?

big blue eye for red eye treatment“Red eye” is a general term that describes irritated and bloodshot eyes. Red eyes can refer to a red bump or sty on the eyelid, a broken blood vessel on the sclera, or inflamed eyelids. Allergies, eye fatigue, over-wearing contact lenses, and conjunctivitis (also known as ‘pink eye’) are all typical causes for red eyes. In more serious cases, the red eye may be a symptom of a sight threatening disease. Dry eye syndrome, a condition in which the tear glands fail to produce sufficient quantity or quality of tears, is also a common cause for red eye.

Dry eye syndrome is a chronic condition caused by insufficient lubrication of the eye. In addition to red eyes, common symptoms include a burning sensation, itchy eyes, heavy and fatigued eyes, soreness, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and a persistent dryness sensation. In some cases, watery eyes may also be symptomatic of dry eyes. Dryness on the eye’s surface can over-stimulate tear production. This “reflexive tearing” however does not stay in the eye long enough to correct the dry eye condition, and can even worsen the problem. In some cases, dry eyes can lead to painful inflammation and even permanent damage to the surface of the eye. For these reasons, it is important to talk with a qualified eye doctor about your condition and take steps to treat dry eyes as soon as possible.

What are my treatment options for red and dry eyes?

Dry eyes are often triggered by the improper formation of tears. Tears are comprised of three important components: oil, water and mucous. An imbalance in tear formation can lead to dry eyes. Understanding the cause for this imbalance is critical to effectively treat the root problem. A number of factors can also increase the risk for dry eyes. These factors include computer use, contact lens wear, dry indoor environments with insufficient humidity (air conditioning, dry forced heating systems), and dry outdoor environments (arid, windy climates).

Our Elko, NV eye doctor may conduct one or more tests to confirm the root cause for your dry eyes and determine the best treatment options. In many cases, the routine use of artificial tears or behavioral modifications (increasing indoor humidity, for example) can effectively treat dry eyes.

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