Our Mission

See the World Clearly with Total Eye Care in Elko, NV

Seeing the world around you through rose-colored glasses is a possibility when you entrust the care of your eyes and your vision to the professionals at our Elko Optometrist Center. Or, you might choose amber lenses or dark tints, half lenses for reading, sports safety glasses for your active hours or specialized glasses to help you concentrate on the computer screen.

Whatever your needs, you will find that our comprehensive, full-service vision care will have you smiling.

Routine Care or Emergencies

Our team at Total Eye Care is dedicated to the health of your eyes. We schedule routine exams for all ages, and we employ the most advanced diagnostic tools in our profession to help you focus clearly on the world around you. From simple tests for children, such as the "cover test" or a traditional eye chart, we can identify early vision problems and "lazy eye" that can have an effect on reading and schoolwork; we also work with patients who experience eyestrain, peripheral vision problems or color recognition abnormalities.

 Not all eyes are the same, and some eye problems require additional treatment. Dry eyes and astigmatism are two common conditions, and our team helps patients deal with those conditions while at the same time helping to correct their vision in the best way possible. We prescribe the proper corrective lenses, and work with our patients to select the best means of correction, from selecting trendy frames for specific uses to prescribing and fitting custom contact lenses.

We also evaluate eyes for possible Lasik surgery. After explaining the risks and benefits, we are happy to refer patients to cooperating surgeons and we offer continuing pre- and post-operative care.

Aging eyes can bring other conditions that our patients rely on our Elko eye doctor to detect. We routinely screen for presbyopia, glaucoma, macular degeneration and changes in the retina that can signal a cause for concern. Diagnosing underlying conditions that might impede the function of one or both eyes is an important aspect of our total care.

Committed to Eye Health

As a vision center with a dedication to the "wellness" of our patient's eyes, we also take emergency appointments. We know how worrisome it can be to suffer an unexpected vision problem. The best way to avoid an emergency, however, is to consult with our caring staff, determine a personalized schedule for regular examinations and keep your prescriptions up to date if you already wear corrective lenses. We recommend a thorough exam at least once a year, possibly more often for a growing child whose vision may change rapidly. If you experience pain, problems with light, or see "floaters" or flashes in your field of vision, we urge you to call us as soon as possible.

Eyes are meant to last a lifetime, but they frequently need a little help along the way. We at Total Eye Care stand ready to serve you. Won't you schedule an appointment?