Payment Options

Our Finance Options for Optometrist and Eye Doctor Services in Elko

In order to better serve our Elko patients, we offer a wide range of payment solutions, so you can focus on your vision care. Whether it is your first appointment or a follow-up with one of our eye doctors, we will let you know the cost of your visit and can provide a full breakdown of services rendered upon request. We will also discuss your financial options with you, so you can make an informed decision regarding payment.

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Total Eyecare in Elko Accepts Most Vision Insurance

Our staff knows how to get the most from your vision insurance plan no matter what company provides it. Our insurance specialist works directly with the provider to submit claims on your behalf to cover your time with our optometrists and any vision correction necessary for your eye health including contacts and glasses. We will verify your insurance benefits with each appointment to ensure you take full advantage of copays and discounts, as well.

We also work with health insurance companies to cover services that fall under their purviews such as certain tests or medical emergencies that the eye doctor might handle.

Flexible Spending Accounts for Elko Residents

Elko employees with flexible spending accounts may be able to use those funds to cover vision tests and services, as well. These plans are designed to help pay for medical needs not covered by your health insurance plans such as eye exams, glasses and contact lens. Your benefits administrator can tell you if your FSA covers vision care.


CareCredit is a healthcare financing service that allows you to charge your vision care and pay for it later. It is an asset for those who have high deductible insurance plans or who need to pay for treatments not covered by traditional health insurance including eye exams. Just like a credit card, CareCredit is a revolving credit plan, but if you pay off the charge quickly, there may be no interest to worry about, so it works the same as cash.

Cash and Other Payment Options

Of course, you are free to pay cash for your visit to our optometrist and eye doctor. It’s a convenient way for our Elko patients to cover the cost of their eye care. We will work with you to keeps the costs low, while still providing quality eye care products.

We also accept most major forms of credit and debit cards for your conveniences like Discover Card, Visa, American Express, and MasterCard. Just ask the staff when you check in if you are unsure or if you have any other concerns about your payment.

Call Total Eyecare in Elko Today to Learn More!

At Total Eyecare, we focus on providing you with workable financial solutions, so you can get the best vision care possible. Cost is a concern, of course, but by offering a number of payment options, we hope to eliminate it as an obstacle. Contact us at 775-738-8491 to discuss payment terms or to find out if we accept your vision insurance.