One Day Contact Lenses

Daily wear contact lenses which are also called one day contact lenses have recently become more and more popular. At Total Eyecare located in Elko, NV we provide a full line of one day contact lenses. One day contact lenses have many advantages and benefits which distinguish them from other types of normal contact lenses such as convenience, decreased protein buildups and a decreased incidence of eye irritations and eye infections.

Woman with a contact lens

Daily Disposable Lenses

Daily disposable contact lenses are contact lenses which are only used once. They are then removed and discarded. A new pair of one day contact lenses is inserted each morning.

Benefits of Disposable Lenses

Disposable contact lenses have many desirable benefits. Since they are discarded daily, there is a much-reduced accumulation of protein, calcium, lipids and other deposits. This reduces the possibilities of eye irritation and infections. One day contact lenses also are more convenient to use and require no daily maintenance or cleaning. One day contact lenses can also be more comfortable to wear than regular contact lenses.

Differences Between Daily Disposable Lenses and Normal Contact Lenses

Daily wear gas permeable rigid contact lenses are taken out each night before sleeping and must be cleaned and properly stored in an appropriate fresh contact lens solution. Storage cases should be replaced every three months to avoid contamination.

Soft contact lenses can be replaced daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly as specified by safety instructions. Daily wear soft contact lenses which are considered “disposable” are usually replaced every 2 weeks. Normal contact lenses are more prone to protein and calcium buildups than one day contact lenses.

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Call us today at (775) 738-8491 for a contact lens exam to choose one day disposable contact lenses. Our experienced Optometrists including Dr. Robert A. Colon, OD, Dr. Kurt G. Alleman, OD and Dr. Colby B. Curtis, OD stand ready to provide you with the very best in one day contact lenses. Our office, Total Eyecare, is conveniently located at 1555 2209 5th St Elko, NV 89801