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Halloween and Decorative Lenses

A Halloween Caution From Our Elko Optometry Team

Halloween means dressing up, sometimes in spectacularly spooky fashion. Many dedicated costume aficionados go so far as to decorative their eyes as well as their faces and bodies. Decorative or special-effects contacts can certainly make a dramatic effect, but getting these lenses from the wrong source can do serious damage to your eyes. Here are some important insights into the subject from our Elko optometry team at Total Eyecare.

The World of Special-Effects Contacts

The majority of everyday contact lens users are attracted to the invisibility of this discreet form of vision correction. Others, however, seek to modify the appearance of their eyes. In addition to selecting colored contacts that alter the color of the irises, it's also possible to purchase special-effects lenses purely for decorative purposes and occasions such as Halloween. These contacts typically include areas of solid color with a small open space in the center (to keep you from being totally blind). Cat's eyes, fish eyes, space-alien eyes -- any kind of effect can be achieved through these lenses.

The Dangers of Over-the-Counter Contacts

The danger of special-effects lenses doesn't stem from the actual colors, materials, or designs that they employ. The real potential hazard lies in the fact that many of these contacts are offered "over the counter," with no prescription necessary, in costume shops or online. These contacts haven't been vetted by your optometrist, handled with the proper care, or fitted to your individual eyes. Wearing them may, therefore, cause such problems as:

  • Bacterial infections or allergic reactions from microorganisms on the lenses
  • Eye pain and corneal damage from ill-fitting contacts
  • Permanent vision loss or even blindness

It's hard to imagine even the most avid trick-or-treaters wanting to take those kinds of risks with their eyesight. Unfortunately, many people simply don't realize the potential for acute irritation or lasting harm from non-prescription contacts.

Want Safe Theatrical Contact Lenses in Elko? Call Your Optometrist at Total Eyecare

The good news is that you can still achieve the spellbinding effects of special-effects contact lenses without subjecting your eyes to unnecessary risk. Your optometrist at Total Eyecare will be happy to write you a prescription for corrective (or non-corrective) contacts that feature your chosen effect. Choose the safe source for decorative contact lenses in Elko -- call 775-738-8491 today!