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Extended Wear Contact Lenses vs. Daily Contacts

Extended Wear Contact Lenses vs. Daily Contacts

Are you debating on which contacts would work best for your lifestyle? At Total Eye Care in Elko, we know that your vision affects everything you do. If your contact lenses are uncomfortable or hard to manage, it's time to talk to your optometrist about your options. 

Most of the time, people debate over whether they need extended wear contact lenses or daily disposable lenses. Both of these types of lenses have their own advantages and disadvantages. Our eye doctor can walk you through the best options for your lifestyle during a contact lens exam. 

Extended Wear Contact Lenses

Several types of extended wear contacts are replaced on a monthly basis. They can be worn both day and night up to one week at a time. A handful of brands are used on a two week replacement schedule.  They can also be worn day and night up to one week at a time.  Extended wear contacts are typically made from a more breathable type of material and can be worn both day and night because more oxygen permeates the lens to the cornea. 

Some wearers still find it difficult to wear extended lenses 24 hours a day. Not all extended wear contact lenses are approved by the FDA to be worn throughout the night. If you take your contacts out at night, you will need to purchase contact lens solutions and cases and keep them fresh.  

Daily Wear Lenses

Daily wear lenses are disposed of daily. They are meant to be worn while you are awake. You dispose of them before bed and replace with a new pair in the morning. They don’t have any costs associated with upkeep, but they are more expensive upfront because the contacts are replaced daily.

Daily wear contact lenses are a better option for patients who experience allergies, have protein buildup on their contacts lenses, or experience dry eyes.

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