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Contact Lens Health Week in August

Elko Optometrists Discuss Contact Lens Health Week in August

At Total Eyecare, we're dedicated to keeping our patients informed about how to keep your eyes healthy. To this end, we're helping to promote Contact Lens Health Week. If you're considering switching to contacts or aren't sure that you're keeping your contacts properly clean, this information can help:

woman putting in her contact lens

How to Keep your Contacts Clean

  1. Any time you put your contacts in or take them out, wash your hands first.
  2. After removing your contact lenses, rinse them with contact lens solution. Make sure to rub the solution into the lenses gently.
  3. Store your lenses in the solution prescribed by your optometrists - never water.
  4. Rinse your contact lens case with the solution every time you remove your lenses from the case. Rub the solution into the case.
  5. Replace your lens case every three weeks.

Benefits of Contact Lenses over Glasses

There are many misconceptions about contact lenses. Some people think that the only kinds of contacts are those that must be replaced daily or that they can't wear contacts because their vision problems are too complex. Neither is true. Depending on your eyes, you may be able to wear your contacts for up to a year before needing to replace them. Some contacts can even be worn overnight. In addition, there are lenses available that work for specific vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia, and presbyopia.

Another misconception is that people only wear contacts instead of glasses for aesthetic reasons. However, there are many benefits of contacts:

  • Contacts allow you a wider field of vision. Glasses don't improve your peripheral vision like contact lenses do.
  • When the weather is cold, contacts generally don't fog up like glasses do.
  • Contacts can be worn while you play any sport without getting in your way or getting broken.
  • And of course, contacts will never clash with your outfit or hide your eye makeup.

Contact Your Elko-based Optometrists for Your Contact Lens Needs Today

Need more tips on keeping your contacts in good condition? Considering the switch from glasses to contacts? Visit the optometrists at Total Eyecare or call us at (775)738-8491. We perform comprehensive eye exams and more to help patients throughout Elko keep their eyes healthy and their vision great.