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Total Eyecare Sports Vision Safety Advice

Total Eyecare Sports Vision Safety Advice from our Elko Optometrist

We can help you avoid becoming one of more than 25,000 people per year who seek sports vision treatment. Total Eyecare of Elko, NV provides you resources for playing safe while on the field or track no matter what age you are.

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Preventative Tips Recommended by Optometry Specialists

High-risk sports include paintball, basketball, and racquetball. However, your Elko, NV optometry specialists advise you to protect yourself when playing any sport. This includes baseball, football, soccer, or any other where you risk being hit in the face.

Some ways you can protect yourself include as follows:

  • Wear sports safety goggles – The recommend sports goggles are ones made of polycarbonate material.
  • Use batting helmets from tough plastic – The same material used for sports safety goggles is also the one recommended for helmets.
  • Wear approved helmets and shields – Your official team association usually knows what would most protect you during gameplay.

Why Regular Glasses are not Enough Sports Vision Protection

Wearing prescription glasses could help a little. However, they could shatter and make an injury worse. We want to help you stay protected when on the field, so we provide continued help with that. In the meantime, we also guide you on the path to healing any sports eye injury you have now.

Eye Care Provided in Elko, NV for Sports Injuries

Prevention is always the first choice. However, sometimes accidents happen for reasons we cannot control. We provide comprehensive eye tests that examine how well you see up close and far away. Our tests also provide you clues about your hand-eye coordination, eye tracking, and depth perception abilities. After your exam, we can help you find bifocal, tinted, multifocal, or other suitable lenses. We may also suggest and discuss Lasik or Conductive Kerotoplasty surgeries if surgical eye care could improve your vision.

Contact Your Elko Optometry Center to Schedule an Appointment

We want you to stay safe when playing sports. Contact Total Eyecare at 775-738-8491 or stop into our Elko, NV center to make an optometry appointment.