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Strabismus in Children

Strabismus in Children Treated by our Elko Optometrists

Strabismus is typically referred to as a lazy eye or eye crossing. Unfortunately, this disorder can develop at any point in a person's life, but for most people, it will develop when they are young. For now, let's take a closer look at strabismus in children and how to go about properly treating it with help from our Elko optometrists here at Total Eyecare.

optometrist with child during an eye exam to treat strabismus

What Is Strabismus?

When a person suffers from strabismus, it means that both of their eyes do not focus on the same thing at the same time. Instead, one of the eyes will cross. In order for proper eye function to take place, muscles work together to keep the eyes pointing in the same direction. When strabismus is present, though, the muscles do not coordinate together, meaning both eyes don't point in the same direction. This can, of course, mess with a person's vision. 

When strabismus has developed, it is not common for a child to grow out of it. And unfortunately, if left untreated, this disorder can lead to severe and permanent vision problems in children. For example, if a child's eye is misaligned, he or she won't use it as much as the other, causing poor vision to develop in the lazy eye. 

How to Treat Strabismus in Children?

If it appears that your child has a lazy eye, you should bring him or her to the eye doctor immediately to discuss treatment options. There are three basic treatment methods for strabismus. The first one is the use of glasses; this method can actually sometimes correct mild strabismus. The second treatment method is a temporary eye patch. And the third method is surgery in which the eye muscles are repaired. 

Make An Appointment Today to Treat Strabismus with Total Eyecare in Elko

If you would like to learn more about crossed eyes and treatment methods in children, please contact Total Eyecare today and make an appointment to speak with a qualified eye doctor. Call our Elko optometrists at (775) 738-8491.