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Frequently Asked Sports Vision Questions at Total Eyecare

Dedicated athletes are always looking for new ways to achieve excellence, from the latest dietary and workout advice to finding that perfect pair of sports footwear. You may have heard the phrase "sports vision" in reference to optimizing your athletic eyesight -but what does this form of evaluation and eye care involve? Here are the answers to some frequently asked sports vision questions at Total Eyecare in Elko, NV.

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What Does "Sports Vision" Mean?

The term "sports vision" refers that extra degree of visual acuity that can make all the difference between winning and coming in second place for serious competitors. It also refers to the testing methods used to identify any deviations from optimal eyesight, and to the methods used to bring that eyesight up to the next level.

Why Is Sports Vision Testing and Training So Important for Athletes?

Many sports make supreme demands on the athlete's vision. For instance, any sport that requires hitting a target, from darts or archery to basketball, baseball and golf, calls for excellent depth perception, focusing ability, and eye team and tracking skills. Without honing these skills to their utmost, you may never achieve your athletic goals.

If I Already Have 20/20 Vision, Isn't My Eyesight as Good as It's Going to Get?

A 20/20 vision rating really just means that you're seeing as well as the average person is expected to see at specific distances. But some people are capable of seeing 20/15 or better, especially with the aid of some sports vision training.

How Does Your Optometry Center Evaluate Sports Vision?

Our optometry center uses a variety of specialized testing methods to make precise evaluations of your eyesight. In addition to the traditional Snellen eye chart, we may use Hirschberg testing to check eye alignment, tests to check for signs of amblyopia (unequal eye dominance which reduces binocular vision), contrast sensitivity, visual processing ability, and depth perception via Saladin Near Point Balance Card testing.

How Can Your Optometry Center Enhance My Sports Vision?

If your sports vision could use a boost, our optometry center can prescribe remedies for your specific weakness. These may include tinted glasses to enhance contrast, specialized exercises to train your eye muscles and focusing power, or digital simulator training to speed up your visual processing.

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