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Total Eyecare Sports Vision Services for the Greater Elko, NV Area

Whether you are a professional athlete or amateur sports enthusiast, your eye care treatment should include sports vision optometry services. Sports vision includes evaluation of your sports vision as well as exercises and treatments to enhance these aspects of your eyesight. Our optometry team will measure important skills such as depth perception, hand and eye coordination, and eye-tracking ability. If you have deficiencies in any of these vision types, your athletic performance can suffer. The comprehensive eye care that is provided by our team at Total Eyecare in Greater Elko, NV includes sports vision testing and training for sports-minded patients. In addition to your diagnosis, we can also work with you to craft an effective vision training program.

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Vision Testing for Enhanced Sports Performance

Many athletes do not realize that they suffer from refractive disorders and that they require corrective eyewear. We strongly recommend regular eye exams to our patients, especially those that are involved in sports and other activities that require strong vision. Hand-eye coordination is one of the most important strengths of many sports such as tennis, baseball, and golf. If your game is suffering and you aren't sure why, it may be that you need to enhance your coordination skills.  Our team can assess your vision and provide you with exercises to strengthen this skill.

Depth perception is another important skill for every athlete to have in abundance. The Howard-Dolman Apparatus is a key instrument to measure this skill. We will work with you to provide training to improve both your depth perception through this system of pulleys and strings that can evaluate and strengthen your overall depth perception.

The ability of your eyes and brain to communicate is a significant influence on your reaction time and accuracy, in tasks such as catching a pop-up flyball or returning a tennis serve. Most vision skills are tied to your visual processing speed, making it an impactful skill that can make the difference between good and great sports performance.

Sports vision training is tailor-made for your specific needs and deficiencies that are discovered during the examination process. If you are interested in learning more about how Sports Vision diagnosis and training can help to improve your athletic performance, give Total Eyecare a call today to schedule a consultation.

Are You Interested in Improving Your Athletic Performance?

If you are in the greater Elko, NE area and are interested in learning more about how your vision can affect your on-field performance, call Total Eyecare for a consultation. You can schedule an appointment today via our patient portal, or by calling us at (775) 738-8491; we are conveniently located at 1555 College Parkway.