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  • Senior Eye Exams
    Senior Eye Exams at Total Eyecare in Elko, NV Our optometrist wants to help you preserve your vision as you enter and progress through your senior years. That’s why we offer Read more
  • Information on LASIK Vision Correction Surgery
    Understanding LASIK Vision Correction Surgery at Total Eyecare in Elko Laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses, known as LASIK vision correction, has become a popular way to improve the ability to see without Read more
  • Eye Allergy Prevention
    Eye Allergies Prevention from Our Eye Doctor in Elko, NV Pollen, dust and many other environmental allergens can trigger reactions that affect the eyes. These allergens usually make the eyes itchy, Read more
  • Finding the Right Type of Contact Lens
    Finding the Right Type of Contact Lens in Elko, NV When you have trouble seeing clearly and do not want to wear glasses, contact lenses offer a good alternative. There are Read more
  • Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes
    Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes in Elko, Nevada If you are a contact lens wearer but you are now suffering from dry eyes, you have options. Your Elko optometrist at Total Eyecare will give you Read more
  • Contact Lens Tips from Your Elko Optometrist
    Contact Lens Tips from Your Elko Optometrist If you are a new contact lens wearer, you may have a number of questions regarding your lenses and how to best protect your Read more
  • Diabetic Eye Disease
    Optometrist News for December: What’s Up Doc? Optometrist news for December is centered on National Diabetes Month. Those with diabetes are more likely to develop eye diseases, such as retinopathy, cataracts Read more
  • Do I Need Computer Vision Glasses?
    Our Optometrists in Elko Discusses Computer Vision Glasses Digital screens emit what is known as blue light, which have short wavelengths and a lot of energy. The energy within blue light Read more
  • Fall Eyeware Show at Total Eyecare
    Read more
  • Computer Vision Causing Migraines
    The Importance of Seeing Your Optometrist in Elko for Computer Vision and Migraines According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), the average person in America spends seven hours a day on Read more
  • Is Pokémon Go Affecting Your Vision?
    Is Pokemon Go Affecting Your Vision in Elko, NV? The Nintendo app Pokemon Go has rapidly gained popularity in the weeks that it has been out. While this game is encouraging Read more
  • School Performance & Vision Problems
    School Performance and Vision Problems in Elko, NV August is known as National Children’s Vision and Learning Month. The connection between vision and learning is an important one for children, especially Read more
  • 2016 Back to School Special
    Elko Optometrists Offer Back to School Specials Stop by before 9/30/16 in order to redeem the following offers: -25% Complete Pair of Glasses for your school age children from Kindergarten to High School -$10 Read more
  • Is It Time For Your Contact Lens Exam in Elko?
    Is It Time For Your Contact Lens Exam in Elko? Whether you’re someone who wears glasses and is ready to make the switch to contact lenses, or you’re someone who currently Read more
  • Benefits of Eye Exams for Seniors
    Benefits of Eye Exams for Seniors in Elko The aging process impacts your vision and health. As you get older, your eyes change and you may notice consistent problems with your Read more
  • What Are Refractive Errors?
    What Are Refractive Errors? Have you been told by your eye doctor that you have a “refractive error”? If so, it’s natural to wonder exactly what a refractive error is Read more